So you’ve filled in all the forms, you’ve submitted your visa application and now all you have to do is wait before you make your move to Canada – right? WRONG! There are plenty of things you can be doing or researching to make your transition to Canada as smooth and as painless as possible. In fact, the key to a successful relocation is preparation and information.

The interim period between applying for your visa and receiving your visa can be a long and frustrating time; you will experience a variety of emotions from joy and excitement to worry and frustration. There is no better time to start compiling information and taking the necessary steps for your eventual trip across the water. And in those times of distraught just picture yourself and your sitting in your Canadian backyard under a clear blue sky with a cooler full of Molson Canadian and the barbecue lit. It doesn’t get better than that!

But where to begin?

Grab yourself a pen and some paper and start making lists ¬¶yes this sounds obvious but it’s incredible how easy it is to forget the little things. It will seem overwhelming at first but once you start breaking down your list into manageable tasks and placing a time frame on what you need to do then

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