Dennis is a 1st generation Canadian, and like most “Canucks” he has a great love for his country.

Born in Guelph, (a city 100 kilometres west of Toronto) and educated in Hamilton, he is the 8th child (out of 9). From an early age, travel was an exciting proposition for Dennis and Brazolot Family policies dictated that he should see his own country first. As a result, there are few places in Canada that Dennis Brazolot has not seen and this has given him a better understanding of what it means to be Canadian.

Dennis Brazolot has been involved in immigration since 1995, when Dennis was recruited by an immigration company in the UK. Following a successful integration into the industry, Dennis bought the franchise of N.M.C.S. (NETWORK MIGRATION COMMERCIAL SERVICES) in The Netherlands, where Dennis stayed for two years.

An opportunity arose for Dennis Brazolot to establish an immigration consultancy firm in the United Kingdom, which he took and created one of the largest firms in Europe.

Dennis made the decision to move back to Canada in 2003. He has extensive knowledge of the immigration requirements for truck drivers coming to Canada and has been bringing long haul truck drivers to Canada since 1999.

He is a regulated member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) and a Commissioner of Oaths. Dennis’ specialties include Canadian and USA immigration. Dennis Brazolot has contributed to radio and television productions (BBC / Sky) and is a regular speaker at immigration and industry conferences.

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